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After a six year search for part of our school history, the "Spirit of Education," WPA mural has surfaced. Anyone who stood by the railing at the well between classes will remember the three-story high mural in the main entrance hallway of Lincoln High School.

The Cleveland Municipal School District recently released the mural to the Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA), a non-profit art restoration company with expertise in WPA art. Since 1977, the three large panels were hidden away and almost forgotten in a bunker of a Cleveland Schools warehouse. Storage conditions being less than ideal, it is in need of repair.

The mural is now a cultural and historical memorial which was painted specifically for our school in 1939 by artist, William Krusoe. We believe that it is worth having the mural restored and re-installed in a public place as a remembrance of our school and a tribute to all who attended LHS. The ICA not only restores artwork but also assists in brokering arrangements for art relocation and large scale fund raising.

The purpose of the site is to raise awareness, especially to all Lincoln High School Alumni, and to assist the fund raising efforts for the Mural's restoration.

Before performing a restoration, and feasibility and cost assessment must be performed. The feasibility and cost assessment is currently underway. The next phase will be the actual restoration. We need your financial support. Even small contributions are welcome. Small amounts from many people will help us to realize our goal.

Project updates from Jan Lukas and Bob Pearl - New Update Posted 4/4/2014

Update from Bob Pearl - Oct. 18, 2012:

    Greetings to all:

    On Sept. 27th, Jan Lukas and I were informed by Andrea, the head conservator at ICA that all three panels of the mural would be unrolled for the first time on Oct. 2nd, when they would begin assessing the restoration requirements.

    After this news, the following day, I contacted the local Fox affiliate, along with an ABC local news anchor, giving them a full history of the mural up to date and to possibly set up a future date when they might run a segment about our treasured mural. This public awareness, hopefully, will build enthusiasm and generate a greater response with donations. We also plan on meeting with ICA officials to talk about the possibility of applying for grant money for the project.

    On Oct. 2nd, Jan and I attended the mural unrolling. Also in attendance was the Director of Programming for NPR WKSU 89.7 Cleveland, Mark Urycki, who recorded the complete history of the mural and stated it would be broadcast sometime in the near future.

    On Oct. 15th, ICA informed me that the assessment estimate for restoration is more than we originally thought, somewhere around $200,000. The good news is that, because the mural is in three panels, the goal would be to raise enough money to restore one panel at a time instead of waiting to get started until the full amount is raised. Our challenge now is to raise the first third to get things in motion.

    Getting the word out is of the utmost importance, whether it’s on Classmates.com, Facebook, Twitter, through the Media, or word of mouth. We need your help. Remember all donations are tax deductable.

    Below are the photos taken at ICA showing the top panel laid out and being assessed with Jan and me looking on. Seeing it in color for the first time in 34 yrs, and its size, was truly exciting, which makes us all the more determined to see this project through.

    Thanks to all. Let’s keep up the momentum.

    Bob Pearl

You may send your tax deductible donation checks to:

    ICA – Art Conservation
    2915 Detroit Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio 44113
    Attn: Finance

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to note the Project # on your check which is 4024/11

You may also Donate Online

A photo of the mural is posted here.

Other ways you can help

  • Spread the word
  • Let others know that materials are available to borrow for reunions and other gatherings
  • Contact Beverly Masek to borrow the display which includes a colored copy of the mural which is mounted, flyers, envelopes and up-to-date information on donation amounts. Call 440-878-0550 or Email: bevmasek@att.net